UNO Solar DC to DC Converter from Phoenix Contact

The new "UNO Solar" DC to DC converter from Phoenix Contact utilizes up to 1000Vdc in and 24Vdc out. The newest addition to the UNO family of power supplies was designed specifically for solar applications. This DC-to-DC power supply can utilize the high-voltage DC string voltage and convert it to 24 V DC. 

A connection to a solar array in order to power combiner boxes would be a common application. With the DC/DC converters from the UNO POWER range, the control cabinet is supplied directly from the photovoltaic system. This saves installation costs and increases the efficiency of the system.


  • Direct field installation:  A direct connection to the array saves trenching installation costs for AC power lines (See Figure 1)
    a. Note that the AC power lines cannot be in the same trench as the signal lines due to possible noise coupling 
    b. Note that a wireless solution can eliminate the trenching needs for signal lines
  • Provides control power with the loss of grid power
  • “UNO Solar” is the first array powered supply to be approved to UL1741
    a. Standard for inverters, converters, controllers and interconnect system equipment for use with distributed energy resources
  • Wide Input range is 300 to 1000 V DC
  • Output rated at 24 V DC/2.5 A
    a. Can be wired in parallel to increase current using an UNO diode to decouple
  • Powering the SOLARCHECK RSD
  • Simplified startup
  • UL 1741-certified DC/DC converter
  • Five-year standard warranty


 Phoenix Part NumberDescription

2906300 UNO-PS/350-900DC/24DC/60W 
2905489 UNO-DIODE/5-24DC/2x10/1x20 

Should have additional questions about this exciting new product or are interested in the Phoenix Contact offering, please contact your local Sager Sales Representative or dial 1-800-SAGER-800 to reach the Sager Service Center nearest you.