Vox Power VCCM600 Modular Power Supply

The VCCM600 conduction cooled configurable power supply delivers a silent 600 Watts and up to 750 Watts of peak power for 5 seconds in a rugged 4” x 7” package and is the ultimate power solution for applications where reliability or audible noise are of concern. The product combines the advantages of a modular and configurable power supply with the high reliability of a fan-less architecture.

Designed with highest reliability and versatility in mind, the VCCM600 conduction cooled configurable power supply is suitable for applications ranging from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Each configured solution can accommodate up to 4 isolated DC output modules and each module utilizes 100% SMT components to ensure reliability.

Standard features include full output voltage adjust range, externally controllable voltage and current and series & paralleling of outputs. The unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques allows the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation giving system designers even more flexibility.

* World’s first conduction cooled modular configurable power supply
* 600 Watts conduction cooled rating
* 750 Watts peak rating (5 seconds)
* 500 Watts convection rating
* Standby power - 1Watt (In primary inhibit mode)
* Efficiency up to 92%
* Unique module design (100% SMT)
* Up to 4 isolated outputs at 150 Watts per channel
* Wide output adjust range
* Voltage and current dynamically controllable
* 5V/1A bias supply
* Approval to EN60601-1-2 Edition 3
* Programmable start-up state (laser applications)
* 5 year warranty

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Approvals: Medical CXO6M Models
- IEC60601-1 3rd Edition compliant
- IEC60601-1-2 4th edition EMC compliant
- 2 MOPP - Dual Fused- Suitable for type B and BF rated applications
- ISO13485
Industrial CX06S Models
- IEC60950, IEC62368-1
- ISO9000
- SEMI F47
- MIL810G certifi ed
- MIL461G, CE101, CE102
Global Communication

* PMBus
* Remot on/off
* Power Good
* Overtemperature Alarm
* AC Fail

Status & Control (Module): * Remote Sense
* Power Good
* Enable
* V Trim
* Remote Sense
Standby Power: * 5VSB @ 4.7A or 12V @ 2A
Options: * Conformal Coating
* Ruggedization
* Custom Voltage Setpoints
* Input Terminal Blocks or IEC-320 Inlet
* Low Leakage
Chassis Market Max-Power
Low-Line 90-180VAC
Max Power
High-Line 180-264VAC
Dimensions Available Slots
VCCM600S ITE / Industrial Approvals 600W 600W 7.00 x 4.00 x 1.57" 4
VCCM600M Mediacl Approvals 600W 600W 7.00 x 4.00 x 1.57" 4
Module Code Nominal VOUT VOUT Range Max Power
A 5V 1.5~7.5V 125W
B 12V 4.5~15V 150W
C 24V 9V~30V 150W
D 48V 18~58V 150W


600W ITE Chassis populated with one OPA (5V) module, two OPB (12V) modules and one blank slot.

600W Medical Chassis populated with one OPA (5V) module, one OPB (12V) modules and two OPC (24V) modules.