Murata’s IRQ DC-DC converters deliver leading reliability for railway & industrial applications

Murata Power IRQ Series of DC-DC ConvertersMurata Power Solutions introduced the first in a series of encapsulated DC-DC converters designed specifically for industrial and railway applications. The IRQ series delivers the latest technology in fixed frequency power conversion available in the industry. The advanced electrical and mechanical design of the IRQ series modules provides high reliability power conversion in the most demanding rail and industrial applications. The industry-standard quarter brick offers packaging and pin configuration options that allow the system designer to choose the most effective solution for cooling and power delivery.

Murata Power IRQ Series Features

  • Fully regulated DC outputs of 5, 12, or 24Vdc at 100Watts
  • On/Off control options
  • Reinforced insulation
  • 3KVdc isolation
  • Options for mounting a heat sink or cold wall application

The converters’ 3:1 wide input range of 57.6 to 160Vdc meets the requirements of EN50155 for nominal Vin voltages of 96Vdc and 110Vdc including brownout and transient conditions. Each module is designed to deliver full power with efficiencies reaching 87% at 12Vout.  With their encapsulated design, Murata’s IRQ converters are shock and vibration tolerant, and offer improved EMI and excellent thermal performance. Standard and flanged baseplate options offer improved thermal management for many applications.

The IRQ series power modules are ideally suited for applications in railway systems and industrial applications that require power conversion from either 96Vdcor 110Vdc bus voltages. The industrial and rail markets are set to drive significant growth in the electronics sector over the next five years. These applications will require efficient and highly reliable power conversion.

The IRQ series’ combination of architectural design, component selection, package design, and assembly techniques are proprietary to Murata Power Solutions. This combination produces the highest levels of performance and reliability in the industry.

Download Murata Power IRQ Series  Datasheet.

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