Does Your Power Supply Measure Up?

Power supplies are a vital component in any system. Choosing the wrong power supply can have devastating consequences down the line in terms of system performance and overall cost. 

Traditionally, design engineers have chosen their power supplies based on spec sheets from many different competitors. This process was adequate,  but it was not representative of real world performance. 

Is there a better way to compare competing power supplies with similar specifications? 

SL Power believes so. SL Power has a comprehensive side-by-side evaluation process to determine real world operating performance.

The service is free for evaluations against SL Power products. You will receive a thorough report containing primary key variables: EMI, EMC, Thermal Performance, Life, and more. 

SL Power Supply Evaluation Process

Does your power supply measure up?

SL Power MB60 SL Power GB60 SL Power MB120

SL Power CINT1200 SL Power TB65 SL Power LB115

SL Power TB110 SL Power TU425 SL Power CINT1175

SL Power MINT1175 SL Power MINT1275 SL Power Cint1275

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