RRC2054-2 Maximum Energy Output with Minimal Cell Count

Li-Ion battery packs today are required to be less than 100Wh of energy to allow transport without declaration of hazardous goods. Previous battery packs had to use a combination of 9 or 12 cells to reach the 100Wh limit. The new RRC2054-2 Li-Ion battery pack from RRC Power Solutions provides this high capacity with only 8 cells.

The battery pack, designed as a 4S2P configuration, provides its power of 99Wh at 14.4V and a capacity of 6900mAh. The RRC2054-2 is SMBus compatible and complies with the SBS specification Rev 1.1. The pack conforms with the JEITA standard and broadcasts the levels for charging current and charging voltage independently and as a function of temperature. The battery also fulfills the UL 1642 and UL 2054 as well as the IEC 62133 standards needed for medical device requirements.Standard Li-ion Smart Battery Pack RRC2054-2

The battery uses sophisticated technologies, such as the TI Impedance Tracking, which makes recalibration unnecessary. The integrated cell balancing increases battery life. Multi-level protection and safety systems are standard in RRC batteries. And compliance with mandatory country-specific approvals and registration in international recycling systems enables for worldwide use. 

In regards to optimally charging the RRC2054-2, RRC offers two SMBus-compliant desktop battery chargers RRC-SMB-UBC and RRC-SMB-MBC, as well as the integrated PMM240 power management module.

RRC2054-2 Product Information

Li-ion smart battery pack with 8 x 18650 Li-ion cells in a 4s2p cell orientation
SMBus & SBDS Rev 1.1 compliant
Fulfils JEITA standards, advanced temperature-dependent charging profile
Fastest charging
Maximized cycle life
Impedance tracking and cell balancing
No manual recalibration necessary
Longest lifetime
Comprehensive charging/discharging and passive safety systems
Worldwide approvals
Registered with recycling systems
Battery Chargers: RRC-SMB-UBC and RRC-SMB-MBC

The RRC2054-2 and all other RRC batteries and accessories are in stock at Sager Electronics. Visit the product catalog page for price and availability.  

Download the datasheet here:

RRC2504-2 Standard Li-ion Smart Battery Datasheet

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