Power Partners PDAM500 High Power Medical/Industrial Supply

The Power Partners PDAM500 was designed with an understanding of current and future market requirements, resulting in a technically relevant, yet cost effective solution. The PDAM500 can be used for both medical and industrial applications. 

Power Partners PDAM500 Series is in stock at Sager Electronics.

Power Partners PDAM500 Series Features:

  • UL / IEC / EN 60601 3.1 Edition & UL / IEC / EN 60950 AM2 Safety Approvals 
  • High power density: 500W in 3” x 5” footprint 
  • Open Frame or Enclosed Versions Available 
  • Remote ON/OFF Function 
  • Built-in 12V/0.3A Auxiliary Output 
  • Standby 5V @ 1A with Fan, @ 0.4A without Fan 
  • High Efficiency up to 93% 
  • P.F.C. Function >0.95

Power Partners PDAM500 Series Applications:

  • Medical Devices
  • Printers
  • Test and measurement
  • Industrial  control

Click here to download the Power Partners PDAM500 datasheet.

Power Partners PDAM500 Series is in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to visit the Power Partners PDAM500 catalog page for price and inventory availability.

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