The intelligent UPS ensures maximum system availability. The IQ technology is intuitive and provides you with  information as soon as it is required.


  • Optimum use of the buffer time: charging state and remaining run-time of the power storage device are known and easily viewed
  • Early warning before failure: the UPS knows the remaining life expectancy of the battery
  • Current status: the UPS determines the current performance of the battery
  • Optimized for your application: various different power storage device types such as CAP modules
  • Optimized integration into the system – by connecting the UPS to higher-level controllers

The 100-percent solution for AC applications

The UPS module for 120 V AC/230 V AC with 400 W/500 VA power is suitable for power interruptions that last several hours. It delivers an interference-free sine curve at the output.

The advantages:

  • Preventive battery monitoring – the optimum time for battery replacement is indicated, helping avoid costs incurred as a result of failure or premature replacement
  • Can be used worldwide for input voltages from 96 to 264 V AC: in the event of mains failure, the output is automatically supplied with 120 V AC/60 Hz or 230 V AC/50 Hz, with manual voltage preselection possible
  • Simplified startup: the UPS can be switched on without an AC power source present
  • Maximum energy efficiency: Stand-by operation with 99-percent efficiency for charged batteries
  • Comprehensive signaling and configuration thanks to switching outputs, USB interface, data port, and configuration with an external memory stick (IFS-CONFSTICK)
Part Number Part Description Input Voltage Output Voltage (Mains) Output Voltage (Battery) Current (A)
2320270 QUINT-UPS/ 1AC/ 1AC/500VA 120 V AC - 230 V AC 120 V AC - 230 V AC 120 V AC - 230 V AC 24