MEAN WELL Next Generation LED Driver Series – XLG-25/50

MEAN WELL XLG-25/50 LED Drivers are 25W AC/DC and 50W AC/DC LED drivers that feature constant power mode output. These LED drivers offer high efficiency of up to 90% with a typical lifetime of more than 50000hrs. The XLG-25/50 LED drivers are available in 3-in-1 dimming (dim-to-off) and adjustable output via potentiometer functionality variants. These LED drivers are manufactured on metal housing design equipped with a functional ground. The XLG-25/50 LED drivers also provide IP67 rated ingress protection level making XLG-25/50 LED drivers ideal for indoor and outdoor installations.

The XLG-25/50 LED drivers feature built-in active Power Factor Correction (PFC) function and low no-load/standby power consumption. This results in optimal design flexibility for an LED lighting system. These LED drivers operate at -40°C to 90°C operating temperature range with Class 2 power unit operation suitable for Type 'HL', class 1, and division 2 hazardous location. Typical applications include LED street lighting, LED architectural lighting, LED bay lighting, and LED flood lighting. 

Mean Well Next Generation LED Driver Series – XLG-25/50MEAN WELL XLG Series Features:

  • Constant power mode output
  • Metal housing design 
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Class 2 power unit
  • No load/standby power consumption <0.5W
  • IP67 rated indoor or outdoor installations
  • More than 50000hrs typical lifetime
  • Class 2 power unit
  • Adjustable output via potentiometer function
  • 3-in-1 dimming (dim-to-off) function
  • 5 years warranty

MEAN WELL XLG Series Applications:

  • LED street lighting
  • LED architectural lighting
  • LED bay lighting
  • LED flood lighting
  • Type "HL" for use in class 1, and division 2 hazardous location

Download the MEAN WELL XLG datasheets:

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