Excelsys introduces New Dual Output CoolMod for CoolX

The new CmG CoolMod power module can deliver up to 120W power from two isolated outputs. 

Excelsys CmG dual output CoolModThe CoolX600 can now be populated with up to 4 CoolMods, providing up to 8 isolated DC outputs ranging from 2.5V to 58.0V. The CoolX600 is completely user and field configurable.

The modules in conjunction with the appropriate CoolX Chassis, support both IEC60950 and IEC62386 for industrial applications and IEC60601-1 3rd edition & IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC) for medical applications. Other medical features include the ability to meet the related electrical medical BF rating (Body Floating) requirements, 2 x MOPP as well as the ability to conform to these safety certification requirements at 5000-meter altitude.

Excelsys CmG CoolMod Applications:

  • medical equipment
  • test and measurement
  • automation equipment
  • printing
  • harsh environments
  • communications

Click here to visit the series page for additional information.   

Download the Excelsys CoolX600 Series datasheet:

Excelsys CoolX600 Series datasheet

Visit the Excelsys page for more information on their entire modular power supply offering or contact a Sager Power Systems representative, the authorized Distributor for Excelsys, at (866) 588-1750 or power@sager.com.

Excelsys Technologies is an Advanced Energy company.