Cosel GMA300 Series: Highest Power Output 2x4 on the Market

Cosel Co., Ltd. has introduced the new GMA300 AC/DC Medical Power Supply. The GMA provides up to 300W in an ultra-small package, only 2” X 4” and 1U high. The GMA300 is fully compliant with IEC60601-1 3rd and 4th editions as well as BF Rated. The GMA has only 0.15 mA leakage at 115VAC and 0.28 mA at 220VAC. With up to 93% efficiency, the GMA300 is ideal for Medical, ITE and Industrial equipment that requires a small size, high power density AC/DC supply. Mobile medical equipment, automation control systems, test equipment and other applications will benefit from the GMA300 small size and high wattage output.


Cosel GMA300 Series Features:

  • High electric power density (25.7W/inch3)Cosel GMA300 Medical Grade Power Supply
  • High efficiency 93% typ (Input Voltage 230V, Output Voltage 24V)
  • For medical electric equipment (ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, EN60601-1 3rd, IEC60601-1-2 4th Ed.)
  • Design for BF application (Output-FG : 1MOPP, Input-Output : 2MOPP)
  • 2x4 standard footprint
  • With AUX1 (12V), AUX2 (5V) (Option)
  • With remote (Option)

Cosel GMA300 Series Applications:

  • Medical
  • ITE
  • Industrial
  • Test and Measurement

Download the GMA300 datasheet here.

Click here to view the GMA300 mating connector link.

In stock at Sager Electronics. Visit the Sager Cosel GMA300 Series product catalog for price and availability.

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